NET+ Cloud Services: Shared Values, Shared Benefit

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By Sean O’Brien - Associate Vice President, NET+, Internet2

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

How can cloud services work well for higher ed and research and education (R&E) institutions?

That’s really the point of the new NET+ Guide. It’s designed to be a quick reference for you and your colleagues as you consider cloud services. 

Great cloud services exist today. That’s why the NET+ program exists. But, without help, cloud service providers often don’t prioritize R&E community values with “off-the-shelf” cloud services when it comes to:

  • contract terms
  • features and functionality
  • service vetting
  • and peer support.

That’s where the Internet2 NET+ Program and community comes in. Cloud services and service contracts vetted by peers and designed for R&E exist … and they are available to you.

Through NET+, higher ed leaders build better versions of leading cloud services for smooth implementation by R&E institutions. A group of peers works to “deconstruct and reconstruct” cloud services and contracts across six key dimensions and then reassemble the software and the contract for smooth procurement and implementation by R&E institutions.

NET+ optimizes for:

  • features and functionality
  • technical integration
  • security & compliance
  • pricing
  • contract terms
  • deployment

This is why leading R&E institutions around the country power their cloud services – with NET+.

Download the new NET+ Guide to learn more about the NET+ advantage.