NET+ Clearspan Connected Update and Town Hall

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By Sean O'Brien, Director of NET+ Cloud Services

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

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Internet2 and Clearspan are teaming up to bring members a community Town Hall. The event will feature information about Clearspan’s new UCaaS features available to Internet2 connected institutions, and new collaboration opportunities with the membership. 

Join us for a Town Hall on June 30th at 2 p.m. ET to learn about the new Clearspan and emerging issues in unified communications.

One of Internet2’s earliest forays into facilitating community cloud services was to develop a cloud-hosted SIP service. In 2013 Internet2 staff worked with the Technology Evaluation Center at Texas A&M University, other member interested institutions, and two service providers to deliver a hosted PBX solution to the Internet2 membership over the R&E network.

Today, the cloud-hosted PBX solution is provided by Clearspan, formerly part of Mitel, and is offered as part of the NET+ cloud services portfolio. Clearspan has been delivering scalable, cloud-based carrier-grade communication solutions for large organizations and service providers since 2007.     

Private equity firm Searchlight Capital Partners acquired Mitel in 2018, creating a unique opportunity for Clearspan. Recognizing Clearspan’s rich history of innovation and focused target market, Searchlight determined Clearspan would best serve the interests of its customers and the firm’s investors as a stand-alone company. In July 2020 Clearspan LLC was launched. Learn about the Clearspan evolution, their project Dynamik and more about the NET+ offering.

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