Internet2 Offers New Routing Integrity Assessment Service

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By Steven Wallace - Director, Internet2 Routing Integrity

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

As part of its Routing Integrity Initiative, Internet2 is launching a new service to assist network operators and engineers in assessing their network’s implementation of routing integrity controls. 

The Internet2 Routing Integrity Assessment Service uses this questionnaire – developed by Internet2 and tailored to the needs of the research and education community – to gather information on an organization’s deployment of 35 capabilities and practices that support routing integrity. These controls range from enforcing multifactor authentication for configuring network devices to keeping network “whois” records up to date.

The questionnaire is designed to be completed by an organization initially to establish a baseline for its routing integrity and then annually to track progress over time.

What Is Routing Integrity?
Routing integrity encompasses routing security as defined by MANRS but goes beyond that to include hardening of network devices through multifactor authentication, regular review of firmware, logging, and more; detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks; resilient cloud connectivity; and IPv6 deployment. Listen to Steven Wallace, Internet2, and Zane Gray, University of Oklahoma, discuss the need for routing integrity collaboration across the R&E community.

The completed questionnaire serves two purposes:

  • Provides the participating organization with a measure of its current routing integrity control status and serves as a guide for future deployment of controls.
  • Assists Internet2 in identifying opportunities for further outreach and education to help the broader community adopt routing integrity best practices and capabilities.

Get a Routing Integrity Assessment

I2 Routing Integrity

During an initial pilot period, Internet2 will be conducting virtual workshops to facilitate small groups in completing the assessment questionnaire. If you’re interested in participating in one of the routing integrity assessment workshops, please email manrs@internet2.edu. Once demand is understood from the membership, we will evaluate how to support and scale this service over time.