InCommon Catalysts Return to IAM Online to Offer Ideas and Insights about The Year Ahead in IAM

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By Apryl Motley - Technical Writer & Communications Lead, Internet2 Trust and Identity/NET+ Service

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The InCommon Catalysts will be our featured presenters for “The Year Ahead in IAM: Ideas & Insights from InCommon Catalysts” as part of IAM Online on Thursday, February 15 at 1 p.m. ET with Ann West, Internet2’s associate vice president for Trust & Identity, serving as moderator. 

What does the future hold for identity and access management in research and education? Who better to answer this question than the InCommon Catalysts, industry providers committed to helping research and education (R&E) organizations get IAM done better and faster – together.

“IAM Online webinars give us a great opportunity to engage with the community and ask people in the field what IAM challenges are top of mind as well as socialize new features and solutions we have in the works,” said Cirrus Identity CEO and Founder Dedra Chamberllin.

InCommon Catalysts taking a group photo at TechEX23 in Minneapolis.
InCommon Catalysts at TechEX23 in Minneapolis

Simona Simkov, a sales representative at fellow catalyst Evolveum, will share insights about midPoint and cybersecurity compliance. “In 2024, we witness that cybersecurity emerges as a paramount concern, reshaping industries and driving innovation to fortify digital landscapes,” she explained.

During the upcoming webinar, West Arete’s Community Lead Netta Caligari will offer some observations about metadata. “So much research metadata is inaccessible because the IAM attributes don’t allow for fine-grained access,” Caligari noted. “Data security shouldn’t be about high walls—it should be about smarter gates.”

Hear more from these Catalysts and their peers at IAM Online, February 15, from  1–2 p.m. ET.  During this hour of insights from InCommon Catalysts delivered in micro lightning talks, you’ll benefit from their observations of how current trends in identity and access management will play out in the year ahead as well as their forecast for what’s next.

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