How to Deploy Cloud Services Faster, Save Cost, and Manage Risk – Together

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By Amber Rasche - Senior Communications Specialist, Internet2

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Key Perspectives From Community Cloud Experts

Despite the growing prevalence of new cloud services at higher ed institutions large and small, opportunities remain to smooth out the path for procuring and deploying them.

In reality, many obstacles persist for the procurement and enterprise IT staff who are at the helm of these efforts – working to vet cloud services and deploy them quickly to meet the rapidly evolving needs of campus stakeholders.

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4 Questions for the Experts: How to Deploy Cloud Services Faster, Save Cost, and Manage Risk
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“Cloud-based SaaS solutions provide the potential for a quick win in ways that were not previously possible, but this rapid purchasing pace also results in increased risk to the institution,” said Sarah Christen, director of IT infrastructure at Cornell University.

We recently posed four questions to Christen and Bobby Clark, director of CCIT procurement and vendor management at Clemson University. Both are deeply familiar with the obstacles and opportunities encountered to deploy cloud services faster, save cost, and manage risk. In this Q&A, Christen and Clark explain how the Internet2 NET+ program is taking the legwork out of cloud service procurement and implementation.

“The shared opportunities offered through NET+ are needed in an environment where skilled staffing is strained and the sheer number of solutions is increasing,” Clark said. “The bottom line is we can’t do it all alone.”