Calling on the Higher Ed Cloud Community: TechEX23 Call for Proposals Open Until April 7*

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By Damian Doyle (UMBC), Kari Robertson (UCOP), James Monek (Lehigh), and Niranjan Davray (Colgate)

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Currently, proposals are being accepted for this year’s Internet2 Technology Exchange (TechEX), being held this September 18-22 in Minneapolis. TechEX is a technical conference geared toward engineers (early career -> seasoned practitioners) in the research and education community. Submit your proposal now.

Last year, the cloud community got to create our very own track for the first time, and you all knocked it out of the park. We had a fantastic set of presenters covering a wide range of cloud topics, often to packed rooms. As your track co-chairs, we are asking you to volunteer your stories, knowledge, lessons learned (good and bad), and discussions to make this year’s program even better.  

TechEX Cloud Track Co-Chairs (left to right): Damian Doyle, Kari Robertson, James Monek, and Niranjan Davray

Some major topic areas to think about for proposals include, but are in no way limited to:

  • Cloud as a team sport: development, identity, networking, ops, and security’s essential roles in cloud success
  • DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, and building cloud-native applications
  • Architecting and running research workflows in the cloud

We know these just scratch the surface of what can be discussed, but that’s why we need your proposals.

TechEX Cloud Track Chairs
Damian Doyle: damian@umbc.edu
Kari Robertson: kari.robertson@ucop.edu
James Monek: jamesmonek@lehigh.edu 
Niranjan Davray: ndavray@colgate.edu

One of the powerful aspects of TechEX is the cross-track presentations that bring together cloud, research, networking, identity, and security to discuss issues that impact multiple teams and require a common conversation. We would love to have some presentations that straddle these areas since the cloud is central to many of these discussions. 

The power of this community is the diverse nature of it, and that it is built by and for all of us, to help each other. It’s quick and easy to submit a proposal; it only requires a title and a brief abstract. If you have questions about a possible proposal, or even if you saw or heard of someone else submitting an idea that you think would be a good proposal, please reach out to any of us at the email addresses listed. Let’s share that story with others and continue to grow this thriving community.

*If you cannot submit your proposal by the April 7 deadline, please contact Bob Flynn with your idea.