Financial Projections

Internet2 management engages in an annual process to both identify strategic objectives for the organization and to align those strategic objectives with the organization’s budget. The annual process is overseen by the Audit & Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees and spans a five-year to ten-year period that includes a re-forecast of the current year’s budget and extends projections through the ensuing years.

Internet2, as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, organized under the laws of the District of Columbia, generates revenues for the purpose of executing the mission of the organization.

Facilitate and coordinate the development, deployment, operation and technology transfer of advanced, network-based applications and network services to further U.S. leadership in research and higher education and accelerate the availability of new services and applications on the Internet.1 

The level of revenue generation dictates the depth and breadth of mission objectives the organization can pursue on behalf of the research and education community. Strategic objectives and the related programmatic focus may shift from year to year but are always in service to the organization’s mission. The tactical implementation of the budget might vary slightly from year to year, but ultimately all actions and budget commitments are directed toward the accomplishment of these strategic objectives.

Internet2, governed and strategically directed by the Board of Trustees, has established a solid financial foundation in the continued pursuit of the organization’s mission. (See the financial information included in the Internet2 Annual Audit – 2018 & 2019.)

1 From the original 501(c)(3) filed with the IRS