Implement Cloud Services Faster and Reduce Risk

NET+ Services for Procurement

Your peers in the research and higher education community have evaluated and negotiated NET+ service agreements, ensuring that they meet our collective standards. You can benefit from – and contribute to – the community taking the legwork out of procuring cloud services while mitigating risk.

How NET+ Supports Procurement

Terms and Buying Power You Need

Be part of the collective voice influencing terms for the higher education market
  • Business and legal review completed during Service Evaluation 
  • Security, accessibility, and data requirements fully documented
  • Gain long-term predictability on terms and pricing
Engage with Your Peers

Learn how others are making use of services through benchmarking
  • Contracts include community compliance requirements
  • The Customer Agreement template incorporates common terms
Save Time With Focused Resources

Get access to:
  • FAQs on pricing and contract terms
  • Cover sheet overviews of contract benefits
  • Procurement Analysis Worksheets for side-by-side comparison with standard EDU terms
Build Your Peer Network

  • Nominate candidate services
  • Participate in a Service Evaluation
  • Engage via the NET+ Business, Procurement and Legal Advisory Committee (BPLAC)

Ways to Engage

Rule for NET+ persona pages

What Your Peers Are Saying

“Whether you are a large school or small school or somewhere in between, the benefits from using the NET+ program are incalculable. The NET+ program does all the heavy lifting in the transaction from establishing reasonable pricing and terms to building relationships with vendors. You know going in that the contract is spot on regarding the legal issues, so your review time is reduced exponentially. The ongoing relationships you develop within the community of peer contacts are invaluable.”

–Matt D’Emilio, Director, University Contracts Office, Carnegie Mellon University