ARIN’s RPKI Maintenance Event Uneventful

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By Ryan Harden, Internet2 Senior Cyberinfrastructure Security Architect

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

On Tuesday, July 20, the American Resource for Internet Numbers (ARIN) completed the widely publicized RPKI maintenance event. The goal of this event was to provide an opportunity for the routing community to test and validate fallback procedures during a simulated “outage” of the ARIN RPKI Repository.

Most of the major RPKI Relying Party software packages, as well as most Route Origin Validation (ROV) capable routers, include a local cache of RPKI data. This meant that the ARIN maintenance event passed likely unnoticed by most. The official Routinator Twitter feed live-tweeted the event.

Internet2 uses the Routinator RPKI-relying party software. This package reports various statistics that are graphed and monitored. The graphs included below illustrate the time period where Routinator was unable to receive responses from ARIN RPKI servers, but the number of Validated ROA Payloads (VRP) for the same time period was unchanged.

(Click to view enlarged image)

(Click to view enlarged image)