TechExtra: Infrastructure & Advanced Networking

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Event Schedule

Wednesday, December 1, 2021: Infrastructure

Time (EST)Schedule Topic
12:00-12:35 pmWelcome
& Next
12:35-1:00 pmSession Router for Academia
Research & Education (RARE)
1:00-1:10 pmBreak
1:10-1:40 pmSession Chris Wilkinson- NGI Core Program Rollout
Retrospective, Challenges, Traffic Levels Today
1:40-2:10 pmSession Chris Wilkinson – NGI Topic Focus: Efficiency/
Power/Greening; Service Potentials
2:10-2:20 pmBreak
2:20-2:50 pmSession OSHEAN’S Packet/Optical Migration
2:50-3:20 pmSession Private LTE – Is It Ready for Prime Time?
3:20-3:30 pmBreak
3:30-4:00 pmSession Cloud Adoption
4:00-4:30 pmSession Breakout of BOF Sessions

Thursday, December 2, 2021: Security/Performance

Time (EST)ScheduleTopic
12:00-12:10 pm (ET)Welcome!
12:10-12:20 pmLightning TalksData Mobility: Measure Twice Copy Once!
NetSage: Next Steps
12:20-12:45 pmSessionESnet’s Stardust Measurement Platform
12:45–1:15 pmSessionThe New Performance Assurance Service:
Design, features, and Upcoming Activities
1:15-1:25 pmBreak
1:25 -1:45 pmSessionTesting Data Plane Programming
1:45 -2:15 pmSessionEPOCs Roadside Assistance
Year in Review
2:15 -2:25 pmSessionperfSONAR: A Look Ahead
2:25-2:35 pmBreak
2:35-3:05 pmSessionCyber Threats to Academic Networks
3:05-3:35 pm SessionREANNZ RPKI
3:35 -4:05 pmSessionUpdates in Routing Security: A New MANRS Program and NREN
Leads Pack
4:05-4:30 pmOpen Mic
BOF Sessions

Friday, December 3, 2021: Automation/Software

Time (EST)ScheduleTopic
12:00-12:10 pmWelcome!
12:10-12:15 pmSessionGNA Working Group
12:15-1:15 pmSessionIntroducing the Arroyo Architecture
1:15 -1:25 pmBreak
1:25 -1:55 pmSessionAutomation Rollout: Campus and Backbone
1:55-2:25 pmSessionLessons Learned from Automation
2:25-2:35 pmBreak
2:35-3:05 pmSessionInternet2’s Automation Journey: Getting the Right
3:05-3:35 pmSessionWrap Up/Updates
3:35-3:45 pmBreak
3:45-5:00 pmOptional
Social Hour