NET+ Zoom Program Updates Amid COVID-19

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By Sean O’Brien, Director, Internet2 NET+ Cloud Services Program

Interest in and utilization of Zoom continues to grow as many higher education institutions move teaching, learning and administrative functions online. Internet2 is maintaining updates on this webpage as it relates to overall operations.

As detailed in our earlier update, we are focusing on:

  1. Ensuring connectivity to Zoom over research and education networks
  2. Supporting the acquisition or expansion of NET+ Zoom licensing through transparent and predictable community negotiated pricing and contract terms

Network utilization of Zoom grew this week and we are seeing usage peaks presumably as classes or meetings kickoff at the top of the hour. Internet2 is working to get additional peering turned up in the Bay Area and New York, and is working with Zoom to evaluate turning up additional peering in Denver. Internet2 remains in close contact with Zoom and other major cloud vendors and service provider partners regarding any potential impact to both operations and ongoing programs. 

While providers, including Internet2 and the major cloud companies, are continuing to monitor utilization and increase capacity, we also must recognize that we are heading into uncharted territory in a complicated ecosystem of interdependent providers. Many users attempting to access and utilize online collaboration tools simultaneously will stress the service-delivery systems in new ways. This may present challenges to the user experience and institutions should also consider how to make asynchronous tools available for teaching and learning as well. Patience may also be important as providers tweak their systems to accommodate new workflows.

The NET+ Zoom program provides community negotiated contract terms and pricing to Internet2 members and other qualified higher education institutions. We can make pricing and contract terms available upon request by emailing netplus@internet2.edu

To support the growing number of adoption requests related to Zoom we have additional staff members monitoring and responding to our service management email address (netplus@internet2.edu) and we are ensuring coverage though expanded hours from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time and providing additional after-hours support on an as available basis. This will stay in place until further notice. 

As of Thursday afternoon, March 12, 2020, we have received 96 messages from 20 different institutions to our operations team related to Zoom. This number represents more than double the number of requests received in February and almost triple the number of requests received in January. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we deal with an unprecedented number of requests.

If you need to subscribe to the NET+ Zoom offering or add additional licensing as an existing subscriber, here is a reminder of how to do so:

  • If you are new to the NET+ Zoom program, you will need to obtain a quote directly from a Zoom Account Executive. Note: You will need to specifically ask for the NET+ Zoom Agreement to ensure that you are getting the NET+ terms and pricing. If you have any questions about the program, pricing or don’t know who your Zoom Account Manager is, contact Quyen Vaillant at netplus@internet2.edu.
  • For existing NET+ Zoom participants, your Zoom Account Manager can help you with any changes to your existing subscriptions, including upgrades or expanding licenses. 

A number of resources for current and prospective NET+ Zoom subscribers are also available on our cloud wiki. 

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If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Quyen Vaillant at netplus@internet2.edu

For more information about Internet2’s response to the coronavirus, please check this page for regular updates.