Internet2 Next Generation Infrastructure Shim Phase Beginning Soon

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By Linda Roos, Internet2 Senior Director, State and Regional Networks

Internet2 Next Generation Infrastructure logo

We are pleased to announce that the Next Generation Infrastructure (NGI) project is approaching the beginning of the shim phase, a significant milestone in the project. The shim allows us to insert the new Cisco hardware between each connector and the current Juniper router through a patch. This change will bridge the traffic through a transparent conduit across the Cisco hardware in anticipation of migrating individual services, through software changes, later this summer.

Each connector will be contacted individually by an Internet2 NOC engineer prior to their date of the shim for their connection location(s) to review the details. We will continue to keep the community updated on shim and service migration progress throughout the summer.

View Webinar Recording to Learn More

Interested in a review of shim? During the Internet2 NGI webinar on April 14, 2021, Chris Wilkinson, Network Services Director of Planning and Architecture, provided an excellent explanation of shim and what you can expect. View the webinar recording and slides.

Diagram depicts a comparison between pre-shim and post-shim for the Internet2 Next Generation Infrastructure project.

Questions about the NGI project? Send a note to networkdevelopment@internet2.edu.