IAM Online Speaker Spotlight: Oregon State University’s Andy Morgan and Jason Peak Discuss OSU’s Implementation of Zero Trust 

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Edited By Apryl Motley – InCommon Communications Lead

Andy Morgan and Jason Peak, both IAM analyst programmers from Oregon State University (OSU), will be our featured speakers for the next IAM Online webinar, Zero Trust: Identity’s Critical Role, on March 20 at 1 p.m. ET., on March 20 at 1 p.m. ET. Tom Barton, InCommon Research Consultant, Internet2, will serve as moderator.

Andy and Jason will discuss both the challenges (complexity in the higher ed environment and inadequate time and resources because of operations and other project work) and the opportunities (re-engineering security environments and removing technical debt) they encountered during OSU’s implementation of Zero Trust. Here’s a preview of additional insights they will share and their take on what their peers will gain from their presentation.

Andrew Morgan posing for a photo.
Andy Morgan
Jason Peak posing for a photo.
Jason Peak

Best IAM Advice They Ever Received: Go to TechEX and make friends.

What has been your biggest lesson learned through OSU’s implementation of Zero Trust ?

Zero Trust is a journey. There is no single product to buy, and there is no definite end to the work. We (higher ed) are so far behind in terms of security practice. We imagine that other industries have a good handle on e.g., devices, BYOD, etc. There’s a ton of legacy infrastructure and thinking that need to be retooled for ZTA.

What advice would you offer to your peers about approaching an implementation of Zero Trust?

Assess your current state against the Zero Trust Maturity Model (ZTMM) and evaluate your risks and capabilities to determine your desired maturity level. Then, lay out a series of projects that will achieve your desired maturity level. Resources are not infinite, so apply a little bit of rigor to your planning. Some projects will be obvious; others might just be placeholders while you figure it out.

Why is this an important topic to cover?

Security is increasingly important. By implementing ZTA, we protect the institution and its community. The current threat landscape feels fierce.

What do you hope attendees will learn from your presentation?

A great strength of the InCommon community is that we learn from each other’s experience. Don’t go it alone! Find others in the community on similar journeys and learn from one another.

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Andy and Jason were speakers at the 2023 Internet2 Technology Exchange. Check out their presentation slides.