NET+ Infrastructure and Platform Services Annual Access Fees

The NET+ Infrastructure and Platform Services program will soon relaunch with a new name that better captures its importance to our R&E community: The Cloud Infrastructure Community Program.

Community activities—facilitated peer discussions, working groups and associated activities—are foundational to the NET+ Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NET+ Google Cloud Platform (GCP) programs. The Internet2 Cloud Infrastructure Community Program allows researchers, educators, engineers, and IT leadership to tackle these challenges together so individual organizations can benefit from the experience, knowledge, and expertise of the community as a whole.

In order to balance the need for community cost recovery and program financial sustainability as well as attempting to balance as many competing approaches as possible—consistent “Access Fees” are as follows:

Annual Fees:

                   Higher Education Carnegie Classification** Organizations without Carnegie: Based on Annual Revenue Internet2 Higher Education and Affiliate Members Rate Rate for All Others
Level 1 Very High Research Activity ≥ $1B $7,000 $8,400
Level 2 High Research Activity ≥ $500M – $1B $5,250 $6,300
Level 3 Doctoral/Professional; Special Focus Medical; Special Focus Research; and Master’s Larger Programs ≥ $100M – $500M $2,800 $3,100
Level 4 All Other Carnegie Classifications < $100M $1,750 $2,100

*If your institution signs the agreement without additional modifications, we will waive this registration fee in recognition of lowering our administrative costs.

**Multi-Campus Institutions: If your organization comprises institutions that have separate Carnegie Classifications, your Access Fee will be determined by the institution with the highest classification.