18 Members Selected for InCommon Steering and Advisory Committees in 2024

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By Amber Rasche - Senior Communications Specialist, Internet2

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Internet2 and InCommon are pleased to welcome 18 members to the InCommon Steering Committee and InCommon Advisory Committees. Led by volunteers who offer insight and expertise in identity and access management (IAM), these committees identify shared challenges, devise best practices, and develop creative technical solutions to support IAM needs across the research and higher education community.

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“I’m excited for volunteers’ willingness to contribute their time to advancing Internet2’s IAM efforts,” said Marc Wallman, chair of the InCommon Steering Committee and vice president for information technology at North Dakota State University. “In my opinion, identity and access management is the most important IT service that we run in higher education. It brings coherence to all other services we provide. The time committee members are donating to the community is critical to InCommon’s success.”

3 Appointed, 2 Reappointed to InCommon Steering Committee

InCommon advisory committee collage
From top left: Ashrab Ahmed, Kristi Holmes, Kim Milford, Chris Misra, and Sean Mooney

The InCommon Steering Committee is the high-level governance body that establishes policies and general practices in support of the research and education (R&E) mission of InCommon. This year, three new members were appointed to the steering committee:

  • Ashrab Ahmed, chief of IAM services (acting) at the National Institutes of Health
  • Kim Milford, deputy chief information officer and chief information security officer at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • Sean Mooney, chief research information officer at UW Medicine, interim director of the Institute for Medical Data Science, and professor in the Department of Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education at the University of Washington, Seattle

Steering committee vice chair Chris Misra, vice chancellor for information technology and chief information officer at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and committee member Kristi Holmes, associate dean of knowledge management and strategy, director of the Galter Health Sciences Library and Learning Center, and professor of preventive medicine at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, were also reappointed for a second term.

Ahmed was appointed to fill a committee vacancy with a term ending in 2025. Holmes, Milford, Misra, and Mooney will each serve a three-year term ending in 2026.

13 New Members Selected for InCommon Advisory Committees

InCommon advisory committee collage
From top left: Grady Bailey, Judith Bush, Jeffrey Crawford, Gabor Eszes, Tom Jordan, Christopher Keith, Joan Masai, Björn Mattsson, Ryan McDaniel, Andrew Morgan, Jim VanLandeghem, and Kathy E. Wright. (Not pictured: Derek Eiler)

In addition, 13 new members were selected for an InCommon Advisory Committee, serving a three-year term ending in 2026.

The InCommon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) provides recommendations regarding the technical operation and management of the InCommon Federation. New TAC members are:

  • Grady Bailey, senior software engineer at The University of Texas at Austin
  • Jeffrey Crawford, manager of IAM at the University of California Los Angeles
  • Björn Mattsson, application specialist at Sunet
  • Andrew Morgan, IAM analyst programmer at Oregon State University
  • Jim VanLandeghem, principal IAM architect at Moran Technology Consulting
  • Kathy E. Wright, systems programmer/developer at Clemson University

“I volunteered for the InCommon Technical Advisory Committee because of its mission-critical tasks in developing new paradigms in federated identity management. I want to be a part of the committee to assist in this effort and bring this information back to my institution.”

– Kathy E. Wright

The Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) represents the InCommon community in the InCommon Federation’s trust- and assurance-related programs and initiatives, including Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation. New CTAB members are:

  • Christopher Keith, assistant chief information officer, enterprise applications at Brown University
  • Ryan McDaniel, executive director of secure identity services at Virginia Tech

The Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity (CACTI) is a standing architecture strategy group with representatives from the global R&E community. New CACTI members are:

  • Judith Bush, IAM architect at OCLC
  • Gabor Eszes, identity services engineer at the University of Virginia
  • Tom Jordan, solutions architect at the University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Joan Masai, senior network engineer at the Kenya Education Network

The InCommon eduroam-US Advisory Committee (eAC) helps formulate strategies and practices for U.S. and global R&E roaming networks, reports any findings, and makes recommendations to CACTI and Internet2, the eduroam-US operator. The new eAC member is Derek Eiler, principal systems engineer at the Nevada System of Higher Education System Computing Services.

View the full roster of community members who contribute to InCommon’s committees and working groups.

Thank You to Outgoing Committee Members

Outgoing InCommon Steering Committee members include Jeff Erickson, formerly the chief of IAM services at the National Institutes of Health; Jeremy Livingston, chief information security officer at Stevens Institute of Technology; and Laura Paglione, partner at SCG Collaboration Group. 

Outgoing InCommon Advisory Committee members include TAC members Heather Flanagan (vice chair), principal at SCG Collaboration Group, Eric Goodman, IAM security architect at the University of California Office of President, Marina Krenz, interim director of technical operations at REN-ISAC, and Matthew Porter, manager of IT and business process technology at Benelogic; CTAB members Meshna Koren, product manager at Elsevier, and Andy Morgan, analyst programmer at Oregon State University; CACTI members Stoney Gan, solution architect at the University of South Florida, Barry Johnson, formerly the software CTO at Clemson University, Marina Krenz at REN-ISAC, Jeremy Perkins, product manager at Instructure, and Erik Scott, senior research software developer at RENCI; and eAC member Tania Mahood, formerly the director of information technology at Oregon State University-Cascades. 

We thank them for their leadership and commitment to supporting the InCommon mission.