Recipes for Shifting LMS and Student Expectations

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Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

By Matthew Buss, Internet2 NET+ Program Manager

Did you know there is a “holy trinity” of teaching and learning platforms? And did you know it also applies to cooking?  

Just for fun, we’re playing off of this Louisiana Creole cuisine reference. (Are you hungry yet?) We’ve assembled five, yes five, “Iron Chefs” who created the best HyFlex courses in the Internet2 “Kitchen Stadium” for the NET+ I2 Online Shifting LMS and Student Expectations event held on April 28.

This session provides answers from five leading institutions on everything from “What good could have possibly come out of 2020?” to “What did you invent out of desperation last year that you are actually proud of?” to “Ensuring quality for online learning conceptualizations” to “How does one institution’s ‘Holy Trinity’ differ from that at another institution?”

All of this and more can be found in our Kitchen Stadium (aka the Internet2 NET+ cloud communities), such as NET+ Canvas, NET+ D2L, NET+ Panopto, NET+ Zoom. Have questions about these NET+ cloud programs? Email us at netplus@internet2.edu

Special Thanks

We would like to thank Tom Lewis (one of our iron chefs) from the University of Washington. Tom led a panel discussion with our other amazing award-winning iron chefs — who provided their own unique recipes — around their vision.  

Participating Iron Chefs (alphabetical):

  • Melissa Koenig: DePaul University, Director of Instructional Technology
  • Wendy Lampner: University of Akron, Director of Design and Development Services
  • Cory Stokes: University of Utah, Associate Dean, Digital Learning Online & Continuing Education
  • Dr. Kelvin Thompson: University of Central Florida, Executive Director, Center for Distributed Learning

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