Watch Now: Internet2 Engineering Team’s Review of First Shim for Next Generation Infrastructure

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By Linda Roos, Internet2 Senior Director, State and Regional Networks

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Internet2 successfully completed our first Next Generation Infrastructure (NGI) shim implementation in the early morning of June 2, 2021. Thank you to KyRON (Kentucky Regional Optical Network) for working with us in Louisville, KY! 

The “shim” is the step that moves the new Cisco hardware inline with the existing infrastructure and in anticipation of software-driven migrations in the coming months. You can read a more detailed explanation of the shim process in this recent blog post.

Watch Short Video of First Shim Highlights

We created this 10-minute video (opens in new window) of a post-install meeting held by the NGI engineering team after the successful Louisville shim effort. You can drop in on the huddle to learn more about how we prepared, the role network services orchestration played in the automated implementation, and hear directly from the implementation engineers about their experience. 

Speakers include:

  • Camille Davis-Alfs, network engineering manager at the GlobalNOC 
  • Karl Newell, network software architect at Internet2 
  • Chris Robb, senior manager, Internet2 network engineering at the GlobalNOC
  • Curtis Schongalla, network engineer at the GlobalNOC 

Please send questions and comments to networkdevelopment@internet2.edu 

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