Elevate Your Cloud Learning This Summer With Internet2 CLASS Workshops

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By Amanda Tan - Internet2 Research Engagement Program Manager

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What’s New with CLASS: June and July 2024

The CLASS program from Internet2 is excited to offer several new cloud learning online workshops and virtual training events over the summer.

Whether you are a researcher, research computing professional, or working in campus IT, CLASS has a learning pathway for you to increase your technical skills.

Graphic for CLASS learning pathways.

Join us for the following events in the next few months: 

June 5: Power Up Research Software Development with Github Copilot

Learn how to leverage Github Copilot to write faster, better code. The curriculum includes a hands-on lab on using Github Copilot prompts and tools for documentation and working with open datasets on AWS.

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June 10 – June 19: AWS Security Intermediate Course

James Smith, cloud architect and faculty for the CDT Program at the University of Notre Dame, leads this 6-week course on securing your campus AWS environment. Topics covered include governance, monitoring and logging, and IAM policies.

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June 11: Deep Dive into Jetstream2

Join CLASS and the Jetstream2 team for this free hands-on, online workshop on using the National Cloud to deploy a machine learning workflow for research.

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June 24 – August 30: AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Certification Training

Build foundational cloud computing knowledge to prepare for becoming a certified AWS Solutions Architect – Associate. Explore the curriculum for an in-depth review.

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June 25: Developing a Web-based Q&A System Using RAG, Open-source LLMs and Cloud Databases

Join Sujee Maniyam, co-founder and principal consultant at Elephant Scale, as he walks through building RAG applications by pairing cloud databases and API-based access to open-source LLMs. Participants will leave this CLASS virtual workshop with the ability to scrape publicly available datasets to build their own chatbots.

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July 9: Networking on the Cloud

Scott Taylor, networking architect at Internet2, leads participants through the Insight Console and builds connectivity between the different cloud providers. This free workshop also touches on Cloud Connect and includes hands-on labs for cloud networking.

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July 23: Architecting a Secure Environment on the Cloud

Learn how to design a reliable and secure environment on the cloud. In this online CLASS workshop, you will understand how to work with data encryption, including monitoring and logging, metrics for health and reliability, and how to design a production-ready system for users and developers.

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Questions about the Internet2 CLASS program can be directed to Amanda Tan, Research Engagement Program Manager at atan@internet2.edu.

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