From Basics to Use Cases: CLASS Advanced Alumni Gain Invaluable Cloud Expertise

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CLASS Advanced is a two-week intensive learning experience in which participants learn how to effectively build and manage cloud computing resources for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The Spring 2024 Cohort begins April 29.

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CLASS Advanced empowers the research and higher education community to leverage cloud platforms for research workflows. (To take advantage of the early bird rate for Internet2 members, submit your application by April 5.)

Here’s what recent alumni say about the invaluable cloud expertise they gained during this unique, vendor-neutral training.

Brandon Tassone smiling for a photo.

Broadening your knowledge of multi cloud.

“If you are looking to broaden your multi cloud knowledge and get more experience this is a great way to do so.”

—Brandon Tassone, Cloud Technologies Lead Developer, Yale University 

Derek DeVrie smiling for a photo.

Building on the basics to create something real.

“Great way to catch up to speed with cloud computing basics during the first week, and then a chance to play in the sandbox and build something real during the second week.” 

—Derek DeVries, Research Integration Consultant, North Carolina State University

William Chandler smiling for a photo.

Bringing skills back to your institution. 

“Welcoming and inviting to all skill levels. Relevant use cases for work in week 2. I feel like I already have skills that my employer will benefit from.”

—William Chandler, Cloud Infrastructure Architect, Washington University in Saint Louis

Join Brandon, Derek, and William in bringing indispensable cloud expertise to your campus. The CLASS Advanced Spring 2024 Cohort will be April 29 – May 10, 2024.

To be considered for the Spring 2024 cohort, all applicants must complete a self-assessment and submit an application

More information is available on the CLASS Advanced web page. For further questions, send us an email: class@internet2.edu. We look forward to seeing you in CLASS!