A Partnership with the National Science Foundation

Exploring Clouds for Acceleration of Science

Supporting scientists and leading-edge research by facilitating more effective integration of cloud computing resources and cyberinfrastructure.

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What is E-CAS?

Exploring Clouds for Acceleration of Science, or E-CAS, is a project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), being administered and coordinated by Internet2 in collaboration with commercial cloud service providers. Six proposals were selected from researchers representing multiple disciplines interested in furthering their scientific and computing studies by leveraging capabilities in cloud computing platforms.

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E-CAS Research Projects

Analyzing DNA and protein sequence data. Processing Large Hadron Collider data. Deciphering the brain’s neural coding mechanisms. Inferring 3D building models to enable world-scale urban weather modeling. These are some of the research projects being supported by E-CAS.

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Here’s a summary of how the E-CAS program works.

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