Calling All CAMPers! Submit IAM Session Proposals for TechEX24

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By Jean Chorazyczewski - InCommon Academy Director

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Promotional graphic for technology exchange 2024.

The 2024 Internet2 Technology Exchange (TechEX24) Call for Proposals is officially underway and will remain open until May 13, 2024. And you know what that means for identity and access management (IAM) professionals? It’s time to throw your tent into the ring and go CAMPing!

Answer the call to CAMP

The TechEX IAM Track, also known as CAMP Week, is calling you! We’re seeking identity experts, enterprise IT architects, software engineers, project managers, app developers, and business analysts alike to deliver thought-provoking sessions that help move the R&E community forward.

How are you shaping the future of IAM at your institution? Eager to tell your story about your lessons learned or innovative solutions for next-generation identity management? Need the community’s input to help solve a challenge? Don’t wait! Submit your proposal today.

Contribute, connect, and collaborate 

Ethan Kromhout posing for a profile photo.
Ethan Kromhout
Grady Bailey
Grady Bailey

This year’s CAMP Week Planning Committee, co-chaired by Ethan Kromhout of University of North Carolina and Grady Bailey of the University of Texas at Austin, has been hard at work laying the foundation for an insightful and engaging program, but it’s your contributions that will bring it all together.

“I’m especially looking forward to seeing the variety of new and emerging technologies that other organizations are using,” Ethan said. “Every year there is something I’ve never even heard of that has potential to help us at UNC. I also love seeing the collaboration that happens as people relax and find so many others who share their interests and realize how much all of us in education have in common.”

Grady echoed these sentiments. “TechEX, CAMP Week, and ACAMP are the event(s) of the year if you work in higher education identity and access management,” he observed. “The information from the sessions is incredible, but the real value comes from the people you meet and the connections you make. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time, or your tenth time, you will make fast friends and feel right at home.”

Think on our themes

Whether you’re a first-timer (or a ten-timer), we welcome your input. Below are some suggested themes to help you start thinking about your proposal, but we’re open to related topics — especially those that address how the R&E community is adapting to evolving technologies and regulatory changes.

  • Access to Cloud Platforms & Hybrid Environments – What is your organization doing to manage digital identities, provision, deprovision, and authenticate users in cloud and hybrid IAM environments?
  • Future-Proofing IAM Strategies – How is your institution anticipating and preparing for change? 
  • Growing Global Research and Education IAM Collaboration – What sort of activities are happening to further trust and interoperability across the global R&E identity federation community? 
  • Integrating Next-Gen Federated Security Protocols & Solutions – Which cutting-edge federated-security protocols strengthen the R&E community against evolving threats? 
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve – What are cutting-edge technologies that are shaping (or impacting) your infrastructure and driving the R&E community forward?  
  • Sustainability of IAM Talent –  In what ways is your institution navigating the challenges of talent acquisition and retention in IAM?

Submit a proposal yourself or collaborate with peers to deliver demonstrations, stories, case studies, innovations, best practices, or address other pressing topics. An accepted session typically propels fast-paced, in-depth discussions at Advance CAMP at the end of the week, too. We look forward to reviewing your submission.

About TechEX24

TechEX24, held Dec. 9-13 in Boston, Mass., is more than the premier technical event in the global research and education (R&E) community. It is a community-centric program designed for the cross-pollination of ideas. The event brings together passionate technologists eager to tackle R&E’s most pressing challenges.