Next Generation Infrastructure Packet Implementation Continues: Late January Update

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By Scott Taylor, Internet2 Packet Platform Implementation Director

The third week of the packet implementation for the Next Generation Infrastructure (NGI) program is complete. Cisco series 8000 routers are being installed in 48 locations around the country. These installs also include new equipment for our 100G performance assurance nodes, our secure management network, and the optical waveservers that will support up to 800G optical links between cities and our new 400G backbone links.

At the end of our third week of installations we’ve completed 11 sites. The installation of the packet infrastructure will continue across the network through March 2021, with four teams moving across the country to four new cities each week.

NGI packet implementation map

If you have questions about the NGI program or the installation, please send a note to networkdevelopment@internet2.edu. You can also catch up on the latest NGI program reports and updates.