Mobile Madness: The eduroam Edition

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By Sara Jeanes, Director, eduroam and InCommon Certificate Services

The eduroam team had some fun with the NCAA Women’s Basketball bracket this year. We thought it would be interesting to look at successful eduroam logins from the 64 schools in the bracket, pitting them head to head to see who would come out as the 2024 eduroam bracket champions!

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Rules of the Roam

So to set this scenario up, we defined these rules:

  • Each school’s eduroam traffic was balanced with a scaling factor using Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) data.
  • Traffic was measured for a 24-hour window the week of the game.
  • No eduroam is an automatic disqualification!

First Week Outcomes

This led to some interesting outcomes. In the first week, we lost a few teams right away. There were only five schools in the field who did not deploy eduroam. Talk about full court coverage. We had to eliminate two schools because we could not separate their traffic from the rest of their system schools (sorry UT and Maine).

After the first week was sorted, it was a lay up from there on out.

The eduroam Elite 8

We had some notable games. Richmond made a surprise Elite 8 appearance. South Carolina went down to Indiana in a Sweet 16 matchup upset, and UC Irvine made a deep run into the Elite 8.

But how can we overlook the true Cinderella of the bracket? Princeton had a tough road, made slightly easier when a Number 16 seed Holy Cross knocked off Number 1 seed Iowa in the opening round. They beat Colorado, UCLA, VA Tech, and ultimately Stanford to claim the crown! Princeton is our 2024 eduroam bracket champion.

The Final Bracket

Check out the final bracket and keep an eye out for future eduroam brackets (Women’s World Cup?!).

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