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By Tara Gyenis, NET+ Program Development Manager

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

As we enter the second decade of the NET+ program, you may wonder what new services will emerge to support the higher ed and research community in its cloud journey. In 2021 several new NET+ programs were launched, including NET+ Google Workspace for Education, which will close the year with nearly 70 subscribers!

What makes a program like NET+ Google Workspace for Education so successful? The community came together quickly to address a challenge when Google introduced changes to its service and business model. This is one of two requirements for a cloud service to be considered for a NET+ service evaluation:

  • Is there an unmet need in the market today for a specific technology? Or,
  • Is there a challenge with an existing provider (contract, business model, functionality) the Research and Education (R&E) community can work together to address?

Then we ask, are there at least five Internet2 member institutions willing to work on the effort together? This is what makes NET+ known for facilitating leading cloud services vetted by higher ed for R&E. Let’s have a conversation virtually to consider some potential NET+ services that community peers have taken the time to share in short videos:

  1. Matthew Burgess, University of Virginia on Piazza for teaching and learning
  2. Matthew D’Emilio and Judy Brooks, Carnegie Mellon University on Miro for productivity and collaboration
  3. Franz Hartl, Yale University on Pantheon for web development and hosting

Each of these software as a service providers has already completed the Internet2 Cloud Scorecard and are listed on the service directory. There you can learn more about how these services meet many of the requirements of the R&E community today.  

Once you have a chance to review these candidate services, please provide your feedback by January 31, 2022, through this short survey. As always, feel free to reach out directly to netplus@internet2.edu.

The relationships you build with peers and service providers through the service evaluation process have a lasting impact throughout the service lifecycle. Be a part of the conversation and help shape the future cloud in R&E!

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Instead of a live I2 Online webinar this month, we are giving the gift of time and flexibility for you to view these recordings on potential NET+ services at your leisure.
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