InCommon BaseCAMP 2023 Speaker Spotlight: Got Requirements?

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By John McCormack, Writer, InCommon

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“Gathering Requirements & Implementing IAM Initiatives.” Addressing this challenge is, perhaps, bigger than it looks, according to Ian Bruckner, project manager and portfolio coordinator, Office of Digital Transformation and Process Improvement, Illinois State University; Tommy Doan, IAM lead, Office of Information Technology, Southern Methodist University; and Mandi Witkovski, director of identity and access management, Purdue University. This trio of identity and access management (IAM) professionals  will present a session of the same name during InCommon BaseCAMP 2023, July 10 to 14, 2023.

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“The time and effort to complete IAM projects is chronically underestimated, but the importance of these projects can’t be denied. It’s a massive undertaking to get right. There probably aren’t any shortcuts to doing it right and no trade secrets I can give that would speed it up,” Bruckner said, so the session will tell people who think they can knock ‘it’ out quickly that our experiences say otherwise.  But our experiences also prove that all the work is worth it.”

Three quotes from speakers at Incommon basecamp

Indeed, Wikovsky believes the session will encourage IAM professionals to tackle projects – and provide them with a roadmap, of sorts, to follow.  “I hope attendees will learn that how you start is important, but what’s really important is to just start. Don’t let the enormity of it get in the way of progress,” she said. “Many of us are in the same situation of having environments that are aging, challenging to support, and roadblock innovation. Large modernization initiatives are daunting, and we can give people ideas on where and how to start.” 

To shed light on the IAM project mission, the presenters will draw from their institutions’ experiences with IAM initiatives. In fact, they will provide an inside look at initiatives at Illinois State, Southern Methodist, and Purdue “from inception to implementation.” 

More specifically, they plan to cover assigning roles to various team members, building relationships with stakeholders, tracking requirements, overcoming setbacks, and leveraging technology for project management. 

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