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By Quyen Vaillant, Internet2 NET+ Cloud Collaboration Services

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Earlier this year, the Cloud Scorecard Working Group completed more than a year-long community consultation process focused on identifying ways to manage the rapid growth and utilization of cloud services at community scale. The Working Group created a Cloud Scorecard Questionnaire and issued a recommendation for Internet2 to work with the research and education community to build a directory to enable the review of vendor cloud scorecards.

Join us on November 3rd at 2 p.m. ET for an update on the Internet2 Cloud Scorecard initiative and to learn about the launch of the Cloud Scorecard Directory pilot. This pilot is being launched to test community interest and gather feature requests working in concert with stakeholders to develop a sustainable long-term plan. As part of this pilot, the NET+ team has worked with numerous cloud vendors to collect and display their responses in one location, allowing community members to easily find information on cloud vendors that wish to showcase their understanding of key requirements for higher ed. 

The presentation will focus on how the Cloud Scorecard Directory can help research and education institutions discover and evaluate ever-evolving cloud services and how cloud service vendors can increase their visibility to the R&E community. 

At this event, you can learn more about:

  • The community feedback on why a Cloud Scorecard is needed;
  • Why we developed a Cloud Scorecard Directory Pilot Project;
  • Which vendors are participating in the Pilot Program;
  • How to get involved;
  • A walkthrough of the pilot directory.

The Cloud Scorecard is a self-assessment to be completed by the vendor using standards and best practices developed within the research and education community. Your institution can use the scorecard standards to benchmark or evaluate services against key criteria. This cloud scorecard will complement existing capabilities and efforts within the Internet2 NET+ program

Register for this event on November 3rd to also learn more, or contact us on our website or by email.

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We hope you can join us on November 3rd at 2 p.m. ET for an update on the Internet2 Cloud Scorecard initiative
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