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The I2I Steering Committee is Committed to Inclusion

The Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative (I2I) Steering Committee is comprised of Internet2 members who are not only committed to inclusivity within the technology community, but who actively support efforts to strengthen the diversity of human resources within that community. They act on the understanding that an inclusive, diverse community is essential to advancing the research and education community. 

The I2I Steering Committee works with Internet2 staff in identifying, prioritizing, and guiding resources, projects and programming opportunities that support diversity, equity and inclusivity across the Internet2 community.  Committee members sponsor regular presentations and discussions, both virtually and at in-person events, and are actively involved in the Internet2 Inclusivity Scholarships. Get more information about the scholarships.

The Committee consists of up to 12 members, including two co-chairs, all selected from Internet2 member organizations and appointed by the Vice President for Community Engagement. Each member is asked to serve a three-year term, after which a year hiatus is required before joining the committee once again. Terms of membership are staggered to facilitate the transition and provide for continuity of knowledge and experience.

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