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The Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative Steering Committee started providing scholarships to assist attendance at Internet2 events starting with the 2014 Internet2 Technology Exchange meeting. The award covers reasonable travel expenses and conference registration consistent with Internet2 travel policies.

The Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative (I2I), focuses on resources, attention, and scholarships to improve diversity and inclusion in the community of networking and technical professionals.

As part of this initiative, we:

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The Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative provides support for emerging information technology women professionals to attend Internet2 technical conferences, thereby supporting their career growth and opportunities in the information technology field.

For this purpose, the Committee created the Inclusivity Initiative Scholarship to be granted at each major Internet2 community conference—both the Global Summit and Technology Exchange. From 2014-2018, an additional Inclusivity Initiative Award in Recognition of Carrie Regenstein was presented at the Technology Exchange meetings.

Scholarship Parameters

Application Process

To submit an application, please fill out the Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative Scholarship form (no nominations are being accepted at this time). Applicants may self nominate or be nominated by professionals from within their institutions. The following information should be included in the application:

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Previous Scholarship Recipients

Learn more about the Inclusivity Initiative Scholarship recipients.

Carrie Regenstein award presdentation

Carrie Regenstein

Internet2 Program Manager Taleitha Pytlowanyj recently interviewed Carrie Regenstein about her service as a leader in higher education IT.

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