CAP Distance Learning Scholarship Program


Have questions about the CAP Distance Learning Scholarship Program? We have the answers!

How do I apply, what’s the deadline, and when do I hear back? 

Apply using this application form by Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024. Internet2 will review the submissions and contact winners in early March.

Who can apply for the scholarship? 

The scholarship is open to any K-12 teacher or school librarian whose school connects to Internet2 via one of the 46 state and regional research and education networks. **We understand that teachers may not know their school district’s internet provider, so we will independently verify whether applicants are from connected networks.** If you are not sure, apply anyway!

Can multiple teachers apply from the same school? 

Yes! We have awarded multiple scholarships to teachers at the same school before, so please share this opportunity far and wide.

What if I don’t know whether my school connects to Internet2? What are the odds that my school connects? 

You do NOT have to know whether your particular school connects to Internet2. The Internet2 Community Anchor Program will independently verify whether your school connects to our network. There is a good chance your school connects to Internet2 – Approximately 50% of K-12 schools in the United States connect to Internet2 via one of 46 state and regional research and education networks. 

What is a research and education network? What is Internet2?

Research and education (R&E) networks are non-profit organizations that operate advanced cyberinfrastructure and provide other internet-related services to enable innovation in R&E. Internet2 is a national R&E network and community in the U.S. that provides a secure high-speed network, cloud solutions, research support, and services tailored for R&E. Internet2 partners with 46 state and regional R&E networks to connect over 80,000 community anchor institutions, including colleges and universities, K-12 schools, libraries, tribal communities, state and local governments, museums, and other cultural institutions. 

For more information and scholarship criteria, please visit the CAP Distance Learning Scholarship Program webpage.

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