Course Information for CLASS Advanced Fall 2023 Cohort

The CLASS Advanced Fall 2023 Cohort will be held from October 16 – 27, 2023. 

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The CLASS Advanced program had two parts: 

Week 1 (October 16 – October 20): Intensive Training including hands-on labs, case studies, and best practices 

Note: Each day began at 8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET and ended at 2 p.m. PT / 5 p.m. ET. 
Course Outline (example only, and not limited to):
Introduction to the cloud (~ 1 hour)
–Patterns of moving to the cloud (lift and shift vs. native architectures), objectively evaluating cloud platforms, Cloud best practices
IAM user management (~ 4 hours)
— Users, groups and roles, Cloud security principles, tie in with enterprise authentication systems, security case studies, and best practices
Cloud storage and databases (~ 3 hours)
— Introduction to Cloud storage fundamentals, SQL/NoSQL data stores, tiers of Cloud storage, data migration, performance, and cost considerations
Networking and data movement (~ 2 hours)
— Networking fundamentals: VPC, firewall rules
Containerization (4 hours)
— Docker, Kubernetes, container orchestration, container lifecycle management
Computing, elasticity, and scaling (~ 4 hours) 
— Virtual machines, images, snapshots, Serverless compute, load balancers, auto-scaling with load balancing, load testing tools
Cost management (~ 4 hours)
— Deep dive into cost models of clouds, exploring billing dashboards, Well-architected Frameworks
AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning (~ 4 hours)
— Intro to AI / ML / DL native systems on the cloud, Jupyter notebook environments, end-to-end ML on a cloud system
Multi-cloud Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) (~ 4 hours)
— IAS tools overview and deployment (Terraform, etc.), CI/CD

Week 2 (October 23 – October 27): Hands-on, small-group projects

Participants were invited to submit project topics that interested them. Each project had 4 – 5 cohort participants and one subject matter expert (SME). Examples of project ideas:
— Using Terraform for multi-cloud and/or hybrid workloads 
— Deployment of Jupyter Notebooks using Kubernetes on AWS, Azure, and GCP and analyzing out-of-the-box solutions (e.g. Sagemaker, Lightsail, etc.) vs. custom builds
— Utilizing containers and serverless deployments for event-driven applications 
— Network configuration for on-premise and across all three cloud providers

Meet Your Instructor
profile photo of Sujee Maniyam
The instructor for the CLASS Advanced training is Sujee Maniyam of Elephant Scale. Sujee has over 10 years of consulting and technical teaching experience and specializes in big data, machine learning, cloud, and emerging technologies.

The goal of the projects was to build reproducible and scalable solutions that the cohort will share openly on Github. There will be a final presentation on October 27, 2023. 

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