Digital Accessibility Through Collaboration: CAMP Social Tool Featured in the Curious Cultivator 

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Like so many annual events held in 2021, InCommon’s Campus Architecture and Middleware Planning (CAMP) conference took place virtually. The social app introduced to provide a virtual alternative to networking at an in-person conference wasn’t accessible to people using screen readers. They wouldn’t be able to participate in social sessions and benefit from these important opportunities to connect with other attendees. 

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Upon learning this, InCommon Community Success Manager Netta Caligari took action to ensure CAMP fully lived up to InCommon’s by community for community credo. She worked with Natalie Simonson, director of outreach for InCommon Catalyst and CAMP Sponsor West Arete, to create CAMPfire, a fully accessible, inclusive, and camp-themed social app in less than one month.

Netta Caligari
Netta Caligari

The Curious Cultivator, a blog hosted by community empowerment company Cultivate, recently interviewed Netta and Natalie about their work together on the app. 

“It was something I couldn’t ignore. How many other people in our community feel this way and don’t speak up? My mission as a Community Success Manager is to make sure everyone feels comfortable in all of the situations.”

Netta Caligari

Natalie Simonson

“We have the software skills to make a difference…we knew we had to make it happen.”

—Natalie Simonson

Read the full interview on the Curious Cultivator blog.