Help Spread the Word: 2022 Capabilities Model Assessment — Due December 15

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By Daphne McCanse, Communications and Engagement for RCD Nexus, CaRCC

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2022 Research Computing and Data (RCD) Capabilities Model Community Dataset participation window will close on Dec. 15, 2022. Please be sure to contribute your assessment using this form before you leave for winter break. 

How to Participate

Whether you’re at one of the 51 institutions that contributed in the previous two years, or interested in participating for the first time, there’s still plenty of time to request your copy of the assessment tool, complete the assessment, and submit it before the December 15 deadline.

Why Participate?

The RCD Capabilities Model allows participating institutions to: 

  • Assess their support for computationally- and data-intensive research.
  • Identify potential areas for improvement. 
  • Understand how the broader community views Research Computing and Data support.   

Contributing institutions help build the Community Dataset, and enrich the resulting picture we have of our community. You will also get an individualized benchmarking report that compares your assessment to the community at large, as well as segments of the community (R1s, R2s, Public or Private institutions, etc.). And for those who really like digging into data, you get access to the anonymized, aggregated dataset.

Have Questions or Need Help?

You can get help, including advice on how to approach your assessment, understanding the questions, and interpreting the results by emailing capsmodel-help@carcc.org, or joining our RCD CM Office Hours on the second Tuesday of each month at 1 p.m. ET. You can also subscribe to the capsmodel-discuss@carcc.org discussion list (click here to join), to hear how other institutions are completing their assessment and using it as part of strategic planning. 

Want More Information?

To find more information and background on the RCD Capabilities Model visit the RCD Nexus website

This work is supported by RCD Nexus, an NSF CI Center of Excellence Pilot under grant OAC-2100003, and the Campus Research Computing Consortium (CaRCC).

This story was originally posted on the CaRCC website: https://carcc.org/2022/10/19/help-spread-the-word-2022-capabilities-model-assessment-due-december-15/