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Services provide industry-standard SIP protocols designed to provide flexibility, local control, and local survivability.

The SIP Service by Lumen enables institutions to leverage their existing investment in the Internet2 Network for both redundancy and specific peering into the PBX installation while also providing a cost effective solution.

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  • Internet2 partnered with Lumen to offer SIP-based services such as local trunks, long distance trunks, toll-free, conferencing and other services. These services are based on industry-standard SIP protocols designed to provide flexibility, local control and local survivability, and empower institutions to customize the solution to meet their unique campus needs. When you converge your campus’ voice and data onto a single network with the Lumen SIP Trunking service, you can save network and operational expenses, while laying a foundation for next-generation communication and collaboration tools.

    Our mature solution is backed by deep IP telephony experience. You get the reliability your institution demands over our large-scale, purpose-built VoIP network.

    Moving to VoIP is more than an equipment upgrade. The right provider can help your university reap the benefits of VoIP services and place you on a path that avoids technology obsolescence.

    • Work with a VoIP Leader – That helped set the standards for VoIP. After more than 12 years, we’ve earned a reputation as a trusted provider with an extensive 87% U.S. telephone number coverage in addition to the ability to terminate calls nearly anywhere in the world.
    • Deliver New Services Faster – Without large capital and network expenses.
    • Migrate on Your Own Schedule – With support for both today’s TDM needs and future VoIP migrations.
    • Offer the Right Services – Including local and long-distance with optional toll-free, advanced calling, mobility, and business continuity features.
    • Support Campus 911 Requirements – With Static 911 services for end-user service locations within CenturyLink/Level 3‘s voice footprint, and geographically independent, nomadic 911 services for unified communications deployments.
    • Leverage Pooled Concurrent Call Paths – Share idle capacity across the enterprise to reduce oversubscription on site-specific trunks.
    • Get Cost-Effective Access – By leveraging your existing Internet2 Network connection to connect to the CenturyLink/Level 3 SIP Trunking infrastructure.
    • Support Multiple Platforms – The CenturyLink/Level 3 SIP Trunking service is offered in conjunction with Mitel for the Internet2 SIP Services offering. Our service is also certified on Avaya®, Cisco®, and Microsoft® platforms—and we’re confident we can integrate with any platform you deploy.

    The NET+ SIP Services Program also includes a cloud-based hosted PBX service that also includes unified communications, call center and other services provided by Clearspan Connected.

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