Federated Services User Guide


Federated Services provide the ability to sign in and use services from a service provider using the credentials of the identity provider of which you are a member. This document describes how to sign in to an Internet2 federated service, and what to do if your institution is not yet on the list of identity providers.

Key Terms

Service Provider (SP) – A resource that requires federated access, such as spaces.internet2.edu.
Identity Provider (IdP) – An organization, such as a university or Internet2, that provides identity accounts for its members or users.
Single Sign-On (SSO) – A method of signing on to a SP using your IdP credentials.
Where Are You From (WAYF) – A web page where users can select their IdPs from a list. After selection,  users are  typically redirected to their own organizational SSO pages.
Internet2 SiteID – Account used for accessing Internet2 local services only.

Quick Start

On your first visit to an Internet2 federated service, you are prompted to select your organization’s IdP from a list. You are then redirected to your organization’s SSO page to sign in.

If your organization is not listed, you can sign in using a Google account.