Internet2 Network Services

Transparent Operations

Focused on the unique needs of the research and education community, the Internet2 Network provides transparent operations and is under constant evaluation and optimization by the community, to deliver leading-edge network characteristics—such as adequate headroom—to meet the constantly evolving needs of high-speed research and collaboration.

Internet2 NOC

Internet2 Network design, development, deployment, management and support are collaborations between the Internet2 Network Services staff and the Internet2 Network Operations Center (NOC). Current Internet2 Network information can be found there, including live network data, maps and documentation and research data

The Internet2 NOC is supported by the Indiana University Global Network Operations Center (GlobalNOC), which provides world-class production and research and development support services to Internet2 Network participants.

Community Engagement

Internet2 Network Services invites community input into the design and management of the network through the Network Architecture Operations and Policy program advisory group (NAOPpag) and the Network Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC).


The Network Architecture, Operations and Policy Program Advisory Group (NAOPpag) provides strategic advice to Internet2 executive leadership on all aspects of designing, operating, sustaining and coordinating advanced network services that support the requirements and aspirations of the Internet2 community for advanced global end-to-end network capabilities.


The Network Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC) focuses on the technical aspects of the Internet2 network, providing recommendations on the design and operation of the network. Several standing working groups are part of the NTAC including IPv6, Routing and Peering, Performance and Software-Defined Networking.