Obtaining a Connection at Manhattan Landing (MAN LAN)

Here is guidance to help you obtain a connection at Manhattan Landing (MAN LAN) exchange point in New York City. MAN LAN supports Layer 2 Ethernet connections to facilitate peering among U.S. and international research and education (R&E) networks.

  1. Email networkdevelopment@internet2.edu to indicate an intention to connect to the MAN LAN.
  2. Review the fees associated with the connection. There are potential fees from Internet2 and NYSERNet, depending on the type of connection. The fees are minimal and simply help recover the costs associated with the facility.
  3. Contact networkdevelopment@internet2.edu to obtain a copy of the MAN LAN Connection Agreement. This agreement is required for connection to the Ethernet Switch at MAN LAN. The agreement is not required for connection to the optical equipment.
  4. Sign and submit the connection agreement.
  5. Request an engineering review by contacting networkdevelopment@internet2.edu. This review will be between the connector’s and MAN LAN’s engineers to discuss and coordinate the technical implementation of the connection to MAN LAN.
  6. Arrange for circuits to be brought into the facility, if necessary. Both Internet2 and NYSERNet can help by providing contact information.
  7. The MAN LAN NOC will contact the connector to turn up the connection when all circuits, required agreements and equipment are in place.