Internet2 Industry Membership Application

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  • C. Membership Level

    Internet2 Industry membership is divided into four levels, based on each organization’s annual revenues. Benefits and requirements vary by level.

    See for more details.

    The Internet2 membership billing period is from January 1—December 31 of the current year. If a pre-invoice quote or PO number is required, please contact Network Participation fees will be billed separately, as applicable. Please note: Membership and Network Participation are covered under separate agreements, as not all Industry members require an Internet2 connection.

    UCAID (Internet2) Federal ID #: 52-206-0187

  • Membership DuesFeesTotal
    Level 1 Connected: $39,079
    Level 1 Non-connected: $39,079
    Revenues>$1 billion


    Level 2 Connected: $37,127
    Level 2 Non-connected: $27,173
    Revenues $500 million <$1 billion


    Level 3 Connected: $35,170
    Level 3 Non-Connected: $15,268
    Revenues $10 million <$500 million


    Level 4 Connected: $11,630
    Level 4 Non-Connected: $2,912
    Revenues <$10 million
  • D. Proposed Internet2 Contacts
  • Executive Liaison Contact The Executive Liaison serves as the main contact for your organization and is responsible for gathering and disseminating general information about Internet2 activities to your community and assigning the other Internet2 representative roles. The Executive Liaison is ultimately responsible for payment of dues and assessments and serves as the official voting representative for your organization.

  • Membership Billing Contact

    The Membership Billing Contact receives the invoices for Internet2 membership dues and Internet2 Network fees (as applicable). For more information, please contact

  • Government Relations Contact

    The Government Relations Contact is responsible for tracking government-related Internet initiatives and evaluating their relevance to activities within your organization. Other responsibilities include disseminating messages from the member update mailing lists. For more information, please contact

  • Public Affairs Contact

    The Public Affairs Contact is responsible for promoting Internet2 activities within your organization. This may include press releases, electronic and print publications and using the Internet2 logo on internal printed material. The representative may post messages to the Internet2 news mailing list and may disseminate messages.

  • E. Corporate Logo

    If you are joining Internet2 as a Corporate Partner or Sponsor, please send the logo you would like displayed on our website to: We accept .gif, .jpg or .tif formats.

  • Max. file size: 10 MB.
  • F. Submit Application