Researcher Project Request Form Intro

(Updated and posted July, 2014)

I. Overview

The infrastructure, services, and collaborative environment of the Internet2 community represent tremendous assets for researchers nationwide. One such asset is the Internet2 Network Flow Data collected on the Internet2 Network. Internet2 may share anonymized Network Flow Data (“Anonymized Network Flow Data”) with researchers who intend to use the data for research purposes to advance scientific knowledge.

II. Requesting Access

To request access to and obtain current specific procedures for use of such Anonymized Network Flow Data, Researcher must first submit a request to Internet2 by completing and submitting the Researcher Project Request Form. Prior to any request being approved, Researcher must review and agree to be legally bound by the Internet2 Terms of Service for Researcher Access to Internet2 Anonymized Network Flow Data and the Internet2 Network Flow Data Privacy Policy.

III. Review of Request

Once a request is received, it will be reviewed by the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Internet2. Following the CTO’s review of the request, Researcher will receive a notification via email indicating the approval or denial of the research request. If approved, a user account will be established and access rights granted for the period of time specified in the notification, limited to the parameter of IP addresses authorized to access the Anonymized Network Flow Data.

IV. Receiving Access

Following an approved research request and written acknowledgment of the Terms of Service and the privacy policies, Researcher and Authorized Users will have access to the Anonymized Network Flow Data. Access to the Anonymized Network Flow Data will be granted to Researcher for approximately one month from the date of approval. All access attempts will be logged in the CTO’s Network Flow tracking list. The CTO’s office will manage a process to remove access to the data after one month and will record when the access is removed. Even after receiving access, Researcher may not disclose any Confidential Information or Anonymized Network Flow Data, without specific written approval from Internet2’s CTO.

V. Request for Exceptions

Any request for an exception to the stated requirements must be submitted to the CTO via email at The CTO will review the request for an exception and make a decision on whether the circumstances stated in the request warrant an exception being granted. Internet2 will keep a record of each request and its disposition. If granted, all protocols for granting access will be followed.

Complete Researcher Project Request Form