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Join Me for TechEXtra: What’s New in Globus? A Lot You May Care About!

By Vas Vasiliadis, Chief Customer Officer for Globus at the University of Chicago

Register for the TechEXtra: What’s New in Globus event to be held Wednesday, Feb. 23 at 1 p.m. EST. Vas Vasiliadis A lot has happened in the more than two years since I last presented at an Internet2 event. I’m referring not just to…


Automation and Orchestration No Longer a ‘Nice to Have’ for Internet2’s Next Generation Infrastructure

By Amber Rasche, Senior Communications Specialist

Chris Wilkinson and Karl Newell Chris Wilkinson is the network services director of planning and architecture at Internet2, and Karl Newell is the network software architect at Internet2. In this Q&A, Chris and Karl discuss how software-driven automation and orchestration sets Internet2’s Next Generation Infrastructure apart from any previous version…


White Paper: New Community Resource Unpacks Misconceptions and Touts Benefits of Network Automation for Any Organization

By Amber Rasche, Senior Communications Specialist

Karl Newell Why the hesitation on network automation? A new community resource developed by collaborators from Merit Network, University of Michigan, GlobalNOC, Internet2, Cisco, ADVA, and Juniper Networks unpacks some of the common misconceptions surrounding network automation and sheds new light on the approach as a must-have component of a…