CSV Import

airSlateProductivity & CollaborationairSlate, Inc. provides solutions to address numerous document workflow requirements, including creating PDF documents, filling out PDF forms, collecting eSignatures, automating document workflow, and integrating to other systems.
Ambi Communication NetworkProductivity & CollaborationAmbi is the Student Experience platform that gives you super-powered data and communication skills.
AppsAnywhereTeaching & LearningAppsAnywhere helps universities, community colleges and other academic institutions deliver a better IT service to every student.
ArmorbloxSecurityEmail Security for your cloud office.
Automation Anywhere A360Productivity & Collaboration<Automation 360 is a single, integrated platform that transcends front office and back office technology silos to automate business processes across all systems and applications.
Canvas LMSProductivity & CollaborationCanvas LMS is the open, extensible learning management system that amplifies everyone’s awesomeness.
Class Technologies Inc.Teaching & LearningCanvas LMS is the open, extensible learning management system that amplifies everyone’s awesomeness.
CloudyClusterCloud ComputingCloudyCluster provides self-service HPC, AI and Parallel Computation in your own GCP or AWS account, complete with scheduler, compute and high performance parallel storage based on OrangeFS.
CrowdStrikeSecurityCrowdStrike is a leading cybersecurity company protecting customers from all cyber threats by leveraging its Security Cloud to stop breaches.
DocuSignProductivity & CollaborationThe DocuSign Agreement Cloud is a platform to automate workflows, speed up remote work, and unite your agreement systems.
EdifyBusiness & Administrative SystemsEdify is a next-generation data warehouse and analytics hub that supports data democratization in higher education.
ElasticsearchSecurityElasticsearch is a distributed, free and open search and analytics engine for all types of data, including textual, numerical, geospatial, structured, and unstructured.
Federation GatewayIdentity & Access ManagementUnicon’s Federation Gateway is a cloud-based service that allows users to use SAML 2.0 Web Browser SSO Profile-based for service providers participating in federations.
HopinProductivity & CollaborationHopin is an all-in-one event management platform that helps higher education institutions create immersive virtual, hybrid and in-person event experiences for their audience, no matter where they are.
IDP in the CloudIdentity & Access ManagementIDP in the Cloud offering provides a standard, repeatable and proven process to provide hosting and managed services for the Client’s IdP.
Ivy.aiProductivity & CollaborationIvy.ai is an artificially intelligent chatbot that learns the unique content of each institution, but also comes pre-built with standard knowledge applicable to higher ed.
Keeper Security Government CloudIdentity & Access ManagementKeeper is the leading provider of zero-trust, zero-knowledge security and encryption software covering password management, dark web monitoring, digital file storage, advanced reporting and messaging.
Kion, formerly cloudtamerCloud ComputingKion (formerly cloudtamer.io) is a self-hosted, multi-cloud enablement solution that makes using the cloud simpler across the key areas of cloud management and governance – account automation and orchestration, financial and identity management, as well as continuous security and compliance.
MiroProductivity & CollaborationOnline whiteboard platform to create, collaborate, and centralize communication for all your cross-functional team work.
NavigateProductivity & CollaborationNavigate is a Student Success Management System that brings students, advisors, faculty, and staff together into a Coordinated Care Network.
Netskope Security CloudSecurityNetskope’s Security Cloud platform is a highly scalable, secure solution that processes and protects customer data traffic without the need to deploy on-premise physical hardware.
Palo Alto Networks — Cloud-Powered Security for .eduSecurityPalo Alto Networks, through the NET+ program, protects the users, applications and networks that power today’s campuses and their online components.
PantheonWeb Development & HostingPantheon is a Web Operations Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for both WordPress and Drupal sites, providing managed infrastructure, development tooling, best-in-class performance and managed security on a single platform.
Piazza Technologies Inc.Teaching & LearningPiazza is a Q&A platform that connects students and instructors outside of the classroom in an intuitive way.
PlagiarismCheck.orgTeaching & LearningPlagiarismCheck.org is a fast and advanced plagiarism checking software.
Red Hat OpenShift Container PlatformCloud ComputingRed Hat OpenShift is the leading enterprise Kubernetes platform that enables a cloud-like experience everywhere it’s deployed.
RONINmCloud ComputingIt’s an orchestration engine installed in the customer’s AWS account.
signNowProductivity and CollaborationSignNow is a complete eSignature solution that includes robust and secure digital signing, turnkey integrations to many popular enterprise software packages, and complete enterprise management.
SmartPathBusiness & Administrative SystemsSmartPath is a complete faculty management solution.
Soundbite.AIProductivity & CollaborationSoundbite solves for low employee engagement with audio messages that meet people where they work.
TwingateSecurityTwingate enables organizations to rapidly implement a modern zero trust network that is more secure and maintainable than VPNs.

Manual Input

Row Strings Dates
1 Shoe 9/11/2001
2 Twine 12/7/1941
3 Thread 1/20/2008
4 Rope 9/17/1862
5 Yarn 8/6/1945
6 Nylon 7/4/1776