Industry Advanced Membership

How to Achieve Advanced Status

When you join as an Internet2 industry member and start engaging with the community, you also begin earning advanced status. Our advanced qualifications are designed to showcase our most engaged industry members to recognize and amplify the engagements that you might already be doing within the research and education community. By participating in strategic engagements you will earn Engagement Points, and by making engagement contributions you will earn Contribution Dollars. Advanced membership status is achieved through a combination of Engagement Points and Contribution Dollars. 

Strategic Engagements

Strategic engagements that qualify for Engagement Points include the following:

Engagement Contributions

Engagement contributions that earn Contribution Dollars include the following:

Membership Types, Engagements, and Contributions

mega industry membership level
Giga industry membership level
Tera industry membership level

Advanced status achieved during a calendar year will be valid until the end of the following calendar year.

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