Advanced Industry Membership Program

Rewarding Your Engagement

A core benefit of Internet2 industry membership is the opportunity to engage strategically with other members of the research and education community.

Strategic Connections with the Community

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Community engagement opportunities take many forms, ranging from working groups, to in-person or virtual event participation, to research engagements, and more.

Industry members that participate in these strategic engagements not only benefit themselves but also enrich the community as a whole. Because of this, Internet2 is pleased to track each industry member’s strategic engagements so that they can be recognized for these contributions to the community through advanced levels of membership and additional membership benefits.

Three Advanced Tiers Deliver Benefits

As an Internet2 Industry Member, with every engagement you get closer to reaching advanced status. Each of our three advanced tiers – Mega, Giga, and Tera – delivers added levels of benefits, exclusivity, and recognition offered by Internet2 that amplify your impact and awareness in the research and education community.

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Advanced Membership Benefits

Internet2 Industry membership offers three advanced tiers: Mega, Gig, and Tera. Explore the Elite Membership benefits.

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How to Achieve Advanced Status

Our advanced qualifications are designed to showcase our most engaged industry members.

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Get Started

We are launching Internet2 Advanced Industry Membership as a pilot program. All Industry Members are eligible to participate, but participation is not automatic – please contact us if you want to participate.