Timeline of Our History

Internet2 Celebrates 25 Years

2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of Internet2, and we’re very proud of what our community has accomplished. Take a few moments to explore some of the events that marked our progress and sparked what’s next.

Cloud solutions

1962 to 1980: The Early Years

From the early concepts for ARPANET in 1962 to the first university local area network, learn more about these many milestones that were the genesis of the Internet2 community.

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1981-1990: ARPANET Expands, NSFNET Goes Online

Many firsts in this decade: the first non-governmental network, first R&E network management, first multi-protocol routers, and the Internet’s first virus—the Morris worm. Get all the highlights from this exciting decade of network connectivity and internet expansion.

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Private connection

1991-2000: Internet2 is Launched, Abilene Network Goes Online

This decade was defined by the explosive growth of the Internet, with the availability of tools such as Mosaic, Netscape Navigator, Lycos, Google, and Internet Explorer–all developed on university campuses. Internet2 was launched in 1996, and by the end of this decade, the Internet2 Abilene Network became operational.

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Regional connectors

2001-2010: Middleware Development Accelerated, Abilene Upgraded, NET+ Initiative Launched

This decade was a time for tremendous growth for the development of middleware with the launch of InCommon, and the release of software and services to support identity and access management infrastructures. The Internet2 Abilene Network underwent its first major upgrade, and the NET+ initiative was launched to develop a collaborative strategy for the rapidly expanding cloud offerings.

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2011-2020: Exponential Traffic Growth, Enabling Global Collaboration

From live interactive videoconference to 8K video demonstrations, the first half of this decade was defined by testing the limits of advanced networks. Internet2 provided critical network and cloud connectivity, and made it easier for researchers and scientists to join global collaborations, with increased efforts toward DEI, training, and workforce development.

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NET+Community evaluated

2021: Internet2 Next Generation Infrastructure Goes Online

So much is happening already this year! The NET+ program turns 10, eduroam expands, Internet2 broadens dialogue and engagement with underrepresented community stakeholders, and the Minds We Need Report was published by community leaders. Stay tuned!

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