CLASS Fall 2021 Advanced Cohort

Required Background and Self-Assessment

Experience and Skills to Succeed in CLASS

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Linux, automation using the command line, and programming are integral parts of the materials presented in this program. In order to be successful, participants must have:

Participants are expected to have experience supporting computational and data-intensive research and utilizing cloud computing. Specifically, the participant should have experience in a majority of the following areas:

An example activity that participants should be able to complete and explain to researchers for a cloud provider:

Note: Given the diversity of the backgrounds in the research computing and data profession the required background and skills is not a strict set of pre-requisites but rather represents many of the skills and experiences needed in order to be successful. Participants should consult with the CLASS team if they are concerned that they may be under-qualified (or over-qualified!) for the program.

All prospective participants must complete the CLASS Self-Assessment. You must be able to answer “Yes” to all the questions. If you are unsure of the answer to a given question, you should complete available tutorials on the web and then return to the assessment once you can complete the task.  

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